Ahom Revolt (1828)

After the First Burma War (1824-26), the British agreed to withdraw from Assam. However, the British tried to incorporate the Ahom territories into their dominion. This resulted in a rebellion against the British in 1828. Under the leadership of Gomdhar Konwar, an Ahom prince an armed revolt rose against the British. Konwar along with Dhanjoy Borgohain started a revolt to fight against the British. He along with his followers burned the British armoury at Rangpur, Assam. They fought the British in Mariani, but the British military suppressed their revolt. Konwar fled to the Naga Hills but soon was arrested by the British and sentenced to seven years of imprisonment and exiled to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Though Konwar and his associated failed in their revolt against the British, they succeeded to put a sense of independence in the minds of the people. Finally as a conciliatory policy, the British handed over Upper Assam to Maharaja Purandar Singh Narendra. Also, the British returned part of the kingdom of Assam to the Assamese king.

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Ahom Revolt (1828)

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