What is the Charging Bull of the Wall Street and what does it Symbolise?

One of New York’s most iconic landmarks is the gigantic Charging Bull or Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull. This bronze sculpture measure 16 feet long, 8 feet high and weighs 3.5 tons (7,100 pounds). The iconic bronze Charging Bull is one of the most visited and the most photographed sites in New York City. Every year millions of tourists visit the site from all over the world. The Charging Bull symbolises the Wall Street which is the heart of the American financial system.

The Charging Bull was created by an Italian sculpture, Arturo Di Modica and was gifted to America as a symbol of optimism after the 1987 stock market crash. The bull cost Di Modica $360,000 which he paid from his own money and donated free of cost to the Americans. According to Modica, the bull sculpture represented the ”strength and power of the American people” and the “can-do spirit” of Americans.

The placement of the symbolic bull has an interesting origin. On the early morning of 15th December 1989, Di Modica with a group of friends arrived at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street and placed the statue under a 60-foot Christmas tree as his Christmas gift to the city. Now, since the statue was placed there without permission, it was considered illegal and so was seized and removed. However, due to public protest, it was brought back and installed at Bowling Green, Manhattan, New York City its current location in December 1989.

Arturo Di Modica was born on 26th January 1941 in Vittoria, Sicily, Italy. At the age of 19, he left Sicily to study art at the Academia Del Nudo Libero in Florence. He arrived in New York in 1973 and from his Soho studio at 54 Crosby Street he created the Charging Bull, which became one of his famous works. The bronze Charging Bull is one of the world’s most iconic work of art.

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Last Updated: March 24, 2019

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